Back up and running!

After about a month of technical difficulties with my blog, I am back up and running! I will repost the recipes that were deleted and there will be more delicious ones to come.

While I was out I have been busy starting my private practice. I now have offices in Medway and Boston, MA. I’m looking forward to helping people heal their GI tracts.

In other exciting news, a FODMAP friendly certification was released in Australia. Click here to read about it.

FODMAP Friendly LogoI look forward to the day when we have a certification like this in the United States!



1 thought on “Back up and running!

  1. Your foods make me want to eat after I have already eaten. I’m not a huge egge wrapped anything fan, but your salsa dish looks scrumptious. Now, I will have to try it. It looks like a complete post workout meal. Therefore, if I grow more muscles, then it is your fault. Have a great day! 🙂

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