Dining Out Low FODMAP – Korean

Korean is one cuisine where you can find a quite a few low FODMAP and low FODMAPish options while dining out.

A Korean restaurant called Meju popped up in Davis Square (Somerville, MA) a while back and I want to share this delicious low FODMAP menu option with you – Bibimbap. The word bibimbap means “mixed rice.” This dish includes warm white rice topped with vegetables, a small amount of meat, and a raw or fried egg. Gochujang (chili paste) can be added, then you mix everything together before digging in. It’s often served in a hot stone bowl, which makes the rice a little crunchy and the whole dish hotter and, in my opinion, more delicious.

Here’s part of the menu from Meju:
To be sure this dish was low FODMAP, I asked if the meat was marinated in any garlic or onion. Answer was no. I saw the miso soup and gochujang chili paste was served on the side (it did contain garlic). So I ordered the dish, sans the mushrooms. Keep in mind that rechallenging high FODMAP foods is good, so perhaps you’ve found you can eat some mushrooms! All other veggies in this dish were okay to have.

Here’s the dish! On top of the rice is an egg, beef, cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, bean sprouts, radish, and seaweed.

I ordered purple rice as the base.
meju-3Since I didn’t have the chili paste, I asked for a side of soy sauce and it was delicious.

If there’s a Korean restaurant near you, perhaps you can find this tasty meal!




2 thoughts on “Dining Out Low FODMAP – Korean

  1. This Korean dish looks very tasty! However, there are no longer any Korean restaurants near me in my immediate surrounding area since I moved away from MA. I am sure there are some just a tad bit up the road.

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