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Dining Out – Chipotle

Let’s face it. Dining out while on the low FODMAP diet is not easy. Onion and garlic are EVERYWHERE! I’m on the lookout for restaurants that offer low FODMAP or low FODMAPish options. Today’s post highlights my lunch from Chipotle, which happens to be right across from my Boston office.

While it wasn’t the most colorful meal, it was quite tasty and a good option for a quick lunch if you’re on the road or don’t have time to pack something. If I had thought ahead, I would have brought some sliced tomatoes to go on top.


Here’s what to order:
Brown or white rice (it’s seasoned with lime juice and cilantro)
Pork carnitas (seasoned with salt, pepper, juniper berries, thyme, and bay leaves)
– This is the only protein on the menu that is not made with garlic and onion (sorry
Cheese (this cheese is low lactose)

Alternatively, you could order a salad and add rice, pork, and cheese OR corn tacos with any of these ingredients.

Here’s the nutrition info on my meal:
Calories: 510
Protein: 36.5 g
Fat: 26.5g of fat (11g are saturated fat)
Sodium: 805mg

I suspect that the portion they served to me was more than the amount listed on the website, so keep that in mind if your server is heavy handed. Making your own food will almost always be healthier, but it’s nice to have some low FODMAP options when you need them.